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<p>The Picross phenomenon spawned a tons of games. It was made on all platforms and with all possible franchises.</p><p>It's a sort of Sudoku but instead of filling numbers, you need to make a picture. It's incredibly addicting and Nintendo's handled devices got some of the best ones in the genre.</p><p>Eventually, the concept was extended to 3D with Picross 3D on DS. Sadly, its sequel Picross 3D: Round 2 never got released outside of Japan despite getting positive reviews there.</p><p>Well, according to the rating board in Germany, the game is getting released in Europe on 3DS. The rating was submitted late last year but only published now, hopefully it will be available everywhere soon.</p><p>It features more than 300 puzzles and is bound to give you headaches. But the good kind.</p>.

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