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<p>Oh, it seems the newish Disney XD's TV show Star Wars Rebels is getting plenty of game-centric attention lately.</p><p>Not only did it get its own side-scrolling platformer, it's also getting its own table in Zen Studio's pinball games. That's Zen Pinball 2 and Star Wars Pinball, specifically.</p><p>The table will come with seven missions inspired by the show. You'll get to team up with crew of the starship Ghost, as well as see the ship itself fully animated along with TIE fighters.</p><p>Also moving around and making noises on the table is a flaming engine thruster spindisk and a mini playfield that belongs to astromech droid Chopper.</p><p>The Star Wars Rebels table will be available on the week of April 27th 2015.</p>.


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