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<p>It'll be mixed news for some of you, but it looks like Hi-Rez is bringing us their own version of the popular Smite MOBA with Smite Rivals.</p><p>For the second time today we've got a contender for the popular tower defence, Clash Royale, as Smite Rivals offers up a collectible card arena battler. With similar mechanics to Clash Royale, the differences lie in its design - and obviously its use of cards to turn the tide of battle in a Gwent-like fashion. By that I mean some cards have to stay in the allotted area.</p><p>With three lanes to use, three towers and a base to take down before you can get to your opponent, you've got to play your cards right to beat your foe in the three minutes provided.</p><p>There's a lot that can be said about this upcoming title, so check out the trailer below for more detail. It'll be coming to iOS, Android, and also PC, so you can save your progress across devices and play whether you're at home or on the move. Pre-register now and earn extra mana and other in-game goodies.</p>.

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