Jurassic World Alive(MOD (Dumb Als, No Skill CD) v44100) Download

Jurassic World Alive(MOD (Auto Reach Hole) v1.24.0) Download

Jurassic World Alive(MOD (Unlimited Money, No Ads) v0.67)

<p>Linia is a simple to play, tricky to complete puzzler, currently available for free for a limited time.Your goal is simple to intercept colored dots in the correct sequence, swiping to draw a line through Linia's colorful stages. However, the timing of your swipe become much more challenging once you're facing patterns of rotating shapes, abstract designs that interlock and orbit in unusual ways.</p><p>Linia can be downloaded free on the App Store and Google Play.</p>.

GAME NAME Jurassic World Alive

PlayStore ID

com.sigmateam.Jurassic World Alive.free

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