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<p>Good afternoon Space Cadets! Three One Zero's made-for-VR panic-wildy-in-space-em-up ADR1FT is looking like one of the more exciting releases for VR headsets and now they've announced a release date - March 28th.</p><p>The Oculus Rift will be shipping at the end of March, probably around the same time as ADR1FT goes live.</p><p>ADR1FT has you playing the role of an amnesiac astronaut marooned in space after a catastrophic event. Unable to remember who you are or why you're stranded in space and exactly what's happened to everyone else. You'll be fighting to survive and to work out why you're floating around up here.</p><p>The developers have previously released 9 minutes of gameplay footage that I personally really enjoyed, and I'm looking forward to trying to uncover the mysteries of the crippled space station while contemplating the vast emptiness of space when this launches.</p><p>This 28th March launch date will be for Steam, although the title will arrive on Xbox One and PS4 "shortly after".</p>.

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